The new casting material Marketing by Face impex pvt ltd. has further solved the three major challenges that the improvement of casting quality, production cost reduction, and environmental protection in particular. ceramic sand for casting is clean and environmentally friendly. It basically achieves zero discharge of solid waste. It can achieve more than 50 times of cycle regeneration and greatly reduce production costs. The shape of sand is close to a true circle, which solves the problem of surface defects of castings. High degree, good thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion rate; good collapsible, non-sticky sand, easy clean-up of castings, etc., wide range of applications, covering almost all applicable fields of equipment manufacturing and machinery manufacturing industry, becoming international The preferred material for the foundry industry. King Kong’s newly developed cast-ceramic sand can significantly improve the quality of castings, reduce the cost of casting, realize recycling and environmental protection .

  • low angular coefficient, excellent roundness
  • low thermal expansion rate
  • high fractiousness
  • good thermal stability and high anti-burn on property
  • good heat resistance and low crush rate
  • environment friendly – minimal release of solid waste
  • high reclamation rate and production cost saving
ceramic sand for casting specification

ceramic sand for casting specification