Removing iron substances in ceramic glaze,slurry,kaolin, washing clay and such liquid materials.
The suitable capacity 15-30T/H
The effect of iron removing(%) >80
Rated flow:density ≤70
Iron material particle ≥42 um

With Up & Down magnetic medium design, iron removing effect is more obvious With double side Up & Down type high pressure water-spray design, cleaning is much more complete
Adopts imported high-coercivity magnetic core, with magnetic core performance of exceeding N50H with long life span of magnetic core
Fully automatic and continuous working & controls for iron removing and cleaning
The megnetic medium is driven by compressed air, it moves stably and uniformly.
Therefore, the service life of the equipment is improved
Liquid material counter current deironing,with adjustable deironing and washing period
Working magnet field intersty( over 15000 GS)
According to the special requirements, customized design can be available