The high-purity and ultra-fine a-alumina powder produced by Jingang Microcrystalline Wear-resistant Aluminum Oxide is the main raw material, and is prepared by powder (slurry and mud)—dry pressing, isostatic pressing (dry method, wet method), etc. A molding method to produce semi-finished products of alumina ceramic products – tunnel kiln firing and other dozens of King Kong’s unique process, resulting in excellent product performance. Diamond aluminum products with wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature, and other excellent performance, energy saving, environmental protection, reduce consumption, extend the service life of equipment, energy indicators to reach the leading domestic and international advanced level. According to the inspection of National Building Material Industry Ceramics Supervision, Inspection and Test Center, all the performance indexes of the products are better than the industry standards, with Mohs hardness of nine, density of 3.62g/cm3, equivalent wear of <0.01 ‰; wear resistance is significantly higher than the current Commercial alumina ceramics are 1 to 2 orders of magnitude. King Kong’s “microcrystalline wear-resistant alumina liner” passed the appraisal of the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The results of the appraisal opinion that: “microcrystalline wear-resistant alumina liner” product quality reached the international advanced level. Based on the technology of this product, 2 national invention patents have been declared and 1 utility model patent and 3 design patents have been authorized. In 2012, Jingang Brand Ceramic Products won the Shandong Famous Brand.

Diamond alumina special new material products account for 40% of the global market share. Production and sales volume ranks first in the aluminum oxide wear industry for many years, and it has become the world’s first.

Cement grinding ball Specification

Cement grinding ball Specification


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