World leading supplier of minerals for tile bodies, frits, glazes and engobes, Ceramic Rollers, Alumina Balls.

Face impex has strong market for the extraction and transformation process of high quality ball clays, feldspars, kaolin, talc, Ceramic rollers, alumina grinding media & quartz for the tile industry.

Our customers can rely on the quality and consistency of our products, the technical expertise of our development and sales teams for the formulation of tile bodies, frits, glazes and engobes, ceramic rollers, alumina balls and bricks.

  • A complete mineral range for tile manufacturing with an best quality.
  • Reduction of pinholes, black specks and impurities.
  • High level of whiteness after firing, plasticity.
  • Large and thin formats.
  • Surface improve mechanism technology for green tiles body.
  • best polishing surface materials.

Ceramic bodies properties include:

  • Plasticity enhancers for tile bodies.
  • Whiteness enhancers with an optimized cost of production of super white bodies by reducing the zirconium content.
  • fast grinding process and effective result in ceramic body.

Frits, glazes & engobes properties include:

  • Specific product ranges designed for tile glaze and engobe applications.
  • Guarantee of the quality of the surface: whiteness, glossiness and smoothness.

Developed and produced in recent years, SCIEN ROLLER is high value-added series roller forming by the most advanced technology in China. Merely without any crystallized high temperature adhesive, SCIEN ROLLER series roller has the excellencies of lower porosity and penetrability, super high thermal shock re and very stable working in high temperature. SCIEN ROLLER is most suitable roller for wide-body kiln with high rotation speed and heavy loaded. And it is proved that SCIEN ROLLER has effectively solved the firing problem in roller kiln and increase the productivity at least 30%, which ensure the capacity of each kiln with more than 40,000 square meters per day.

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