Extruded batts have holes running the length of the cross section and are manufactured using high pressure vacuum extrusion, before being cut and surface-ground to guarantee the highest standard of flatness and dimensional accuracy. Company produce extruded batts and became the first Asian manufacturer. Our extruded batts are now amongst the leading products suppliers in Asia. They are used mainly in the sanitaryware and glass panel industries, but can be found in a number of applications including the biscuit and glost firing of tableware.

  • sanitary ware
  • glass panel industries,
  • glost firing of tableware.
  • Excellent energy savings.
  • Lighter weight and higher load capacity.
  • Excellent distortion resistance at high temperature.
  • Suitable for faster firings with better bearing capacity for hot and cold extremes.
With the same weight, the extruded batt provides many times
more carrying capacity then the solid batt
Thickness of
extruded batts
thickness of solid batts
Carrying capacity
of extruded batts
3 times of solid batt5 times of solid batt8 times of solid batt
  • Weight reduction of approximately 35% – 50%, whilst increasing the load capacity of the batt. For example, a 38mm-thick extruded batt has the same weight as a 23mm-thick pressed batt of the same size, but can bear 5 times the load.
  • Energy Savings. Tests have shown that using extruded batts in a shuttle kiln firing glass panels, fuel consumption can be reduced by between 30% and 70%.
  • Reduced bend at high temperatures. 1200mm long extruded batts supported by silicon carbide beams have shown virtually no bend during use. This is extremely useful where flatness is critical, such as in the firing of glass panels.
  • Their ability to disperse heat is twice that of a solid batt of similar size, allowing them to bear extremes of hot and cold much better, thereby increasing their service life. This makes extruded batts especially suitable for faster firings.
  • Thin Extruded Batt
  • Large Extruded Batt
  • Long Extruded Batt
  • Plain Extruded Batt
  • Perforated Extruded Batt
  • Cut-out Extruded Batt
  • Interlock Extruded Batt
  • Special Extruded Batt.

All of the above materials can be used to make extruded batts, with the material being selected according to the customer’s usage conditions. If you are unable to select the appropriate material, please contact us.

Standard Sizes
The following is a list of the common sizes for which we currently have tooling. Other sizes can be made at the customer’s request.

Thin Extruded Batts – ToolsLarge Extruded Batts – Tools
Long Extruded Batts – ToolsPlain Extruded Batts – Tools
Perforated Extruded Batts – ToolsCut-out Extruded Batts – Tools
Interlock Extruded batts – ToolsSpecial Extruded Batts – Tools