Indian leading supplier of mineral, Kiln Furniture, grinding solutions for the tableware industry

From our unique product range of ball clay, feldspar, wallestonite, kaolin, pegmatites to the pressing bodies and transparent glazes, Face impex  is a leading Suppliers of tableware materials.

Whatever the specific requirement, Face impex has the suppliers and the technical expertise to help customers achieve higher performance and greater productivity.

Leader in supplying tableware industry with kiln furniture solutions

Kiln furniture performance is a key factor in manufacturing high quality tableware ceramics. With firing processes becoming faster and setting systems being automated, the accuracy and shape stability of kiln furniture becomes increasingly critical.

Raw materials include properties :

  • A complete mineral range for tableware manufacturing with an Best quality.
  • Outstanding mechanical strength and plasticity.
  • Exceptional whiteness and translucency.

Suited for all production processes:

  • Isostatic pressing.
  • Casting / Low-pressure / high-pressure casting.

Ready-to-use ceramic glazes in a form required for modern and traditional technologies:

  • Spray-dried granulates.
  • Slurry.
  • Powder.

Kiln furniture properties include:

  • High productivity and consequent profitability of firing lines through an optimized design, adapted to product mix, allowing an optimum setting density in the kiln and automated handling.
  • Quality products: precise and stable geometrical dimensions of kiln furniture essential to produce high quality tableware pieces;
  • Lower energy consumption, thanks to much lighter kiln furniture.
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs thanks to long life-time kiln furniture: high thermal stability, thermal shock resistance and chemical inertness.