With overwhelming merits in higher density, more regular shape, easily classifying and assorting, superior grinding efficiency and competitive price prior to natural cobble stones and conventional grinding media,High hardness 92% alumina balls / porcelain balls with low wear are excellent for grinding processing of many industries.

92% alumina balls, are balls with a minimum of 92% of alumina content, and the balls with the highest density of the market. 92% alumina balls are characteristics due to their high resistance against wear rates, basically to the strict selections of alumina sintering doping agents, which allow a perfect control at the firing temperature process and then to reach the proper crystalline structure.

Mentioned low wear rates together with the high mechanic properties of 92% alumina balls let to the end-users to reduce milling times, increasing efficiency during the process, getting, as well, and great economical save in comparison with other grinding media.

These balls are widely used for grinding raw materials at different sectors: ceramics, mining, cements……

Main Raw MaterialCalcinate Alumina
Alumina Content (%)≥ 92
Specific Weight (g/cm3)≥ 3.65
Moh´s Hardness9
Compressive Strength (Mpa)≥ 2000
Al2O3 (%)≥ 92.05
SiO2 (%)≥ 5.62
CaO (%)≥ 1.43
Others (%)≥ 0.9
3 mm11 mm18 mm40 mm
5 mm12 mm20 mm45 mm
7 mm14 mm25 mm50 mm
9 mm16 mm30 mm60 mm