Worlds Leader in supplying sanitary ware industry with kiln furniture solutions, Grinding Media, Minerals.

Our strategy is to deliver improved performance and greater productivity with the ultimate aim of helping our customers achieve ever higher yields and design possibilities.

Face impex has the largest market for ball clay, extra white a range of wallestonite, feldspar and talk  for body and glaze solutions. we have biggest suppliers of Energy saving/cost effective Sanitary wares  kiln furniture suppliers in morbi – india.

Our Fast movable Raw materials properties include:

  1.  A complete mineral range for sanitary ware manufacturing with an Best quality product
  2. solution for energy saving refractory materials.
  3. solution for casting and molding process.
  4. a complete range of Refractory materials used in sanitary ware manufacturing product.

A Complete range of energy saving / cost effective kiln furniture..

an optimized design, is essential to have a high loading rate of your firing line;

  1. Quality of your products: precise and stable geometrical dimensions of kiln furniture are essential to produce high quality sanitary ware pieces.
  2. Energy consumption: our expertise in both cordierite and mullite allows us to design bending resistant structures in keeping the weight to its minimum.
  3. Maintenance cost: simple, stable, light and dry assemblies help to reduce globally the cost of kiln furniture.

we have supplying more then 20+ kiln project over in MORBI. glade to say that till now not received any major complain from the customer.