FACE IMPEX produces all kind of trapezoidal (wedge) bricks, rectangular, adjustments, finished row bricks, etc…, that in a proper combination can line complete mills with diameters from 600 mm up to 3,800 mm. With a range of 40, 60, 70 and 100 mm. thicknesses, which application would depend of each mill’s size?

Our high density alumina bricks, for any ball mills, are manufactured by a pressing procedure, and they are recommended due to high perfection of their surfaces and the accuracy of their forms. Said linings, once they are installed inside the mills, avoid any contamination made by oxide found at the material that has been ground.

Linings installation should be made by skilled workers in order to guarantee its durability. It is very important, as well, that working milling conditions (speed mill rotation, balls charge, etc…), be the adequate.FACE IMPEX has available high qualified technicians, with a lot of experience ready not only to proceed with our lining installations, but also to providing specific advice for all customers.

Main Raw MaterialCalcinate Alumina
Alumina content (%)≥ 92
Specific Weight (g/cm3)3.65 ± 0.05
Moh´s Hardness9
Vickers Hardness (0.5 kg)1200 ± 50
Bending Resistance (MPa)340 ± 30
Compression Resistance (MPa)2300 ± 50
Thermal Coef. Exp. (20-1000 ºC)8.2 ± 0.5
Al2O3 (%)≥ 92
SiO2 (%)≥ 5.62
CaO (%)≤ 1.48
Na2O (%)< 0.1
Others (%)≥ 0.8
Length (L)150150150150
Width (W)50505050
Thickness (H)406070100
Length (L)150150150150
Width 1(W1)50505050
Width 2(W2)45454545
Thickness (H)406070100