ceramic plunger mud pump for vertical double cylinder porcelain piston pump. It is divided into
two kinds of quantitative and variable, is designed for pressure transmission mud type working
medium designed. Quantitative pumps can be used in the spray dry noise tower and other
pressure transmission field; variable sludge piston pump can be adapted to the filter press
dehydration process to flow pressure changes. The pump is hydraulically driven and consists of the electrical box part, the tank part, the power
cylinder and the ceramic plunger in the overall structure (see figure). ceramic plunger mud pump part of the cylinder, porcelain plunger, sealed packing, into and
out of the slurry valve, air regulator tank and other components. Power cylinder and piston pump through the guide rod, piston rod and beam into one, as part
of the main part of the hydraulic transmission system, one-way travel valve (fuel valve) and the
collision with the host.

The fuel tank is composed of fuel tank, oil pump, manifold and other parts. The electric box is
attached to the fuel tank. The hydraulic oil is equipped with a cooler in the circuit, and the oil is
cooled with water. Two oil cylinders in series, relying on the fuel system to ensure that the cylinder piston action is
accurate and stable. Two products use:
B series piston pump is mainly used in the transmission of ceramic piston pump, coal slurry
transport, kaolin, stone sewage and non-metallic mineral suspension transport. It can also be
used for the transportation of food suspensions, chemical slurries, electronic slurries, magnetic
materials and the like. It can deliver solid content of more than 70% of the concentrated
suspension of the characteristics of it in the spray drying tower, filter press and other drying
equipment supporting the use of a high work and energy efficiency

Before the general sewage treatment plant sludge dewatering with a belt
filter press extrusion dehydration, sludge transport with slip pumps with
ceramic piston delivery, mud moisture content is relatively high, is now
gradually switch to plate and frame filter press, the output of mud The
water content of the cake is low, which is conducive to the reduction of
the sludge. The sludge is transported by the original screw pump. However,
when the sludge slurry contains concrete such as plastic, fiber and gravel,
the screw and rubber sleeve of the screw pump are easy Wear, screw
processing technology is complex, expensive, high operating costs; also
useful diaphragm pump delivery, but the pressure is not high, the mud
moisture content is still relatively high.
ceramic plunger mud pump: the hydraulic station cylinder hydraulic drive,
smooth running without impact; wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant
alumina ceramic plunger, alumina ceramic Rockwell hardness to HRA80-90,
hardness after diamond, its resistance Grinding performance is equivalent
to 266 times the manganese steel, high chromium cast iron 171 times, due
to the use of combined sealing method, the ceramic plunger only with the
rubber seal friction, as long as the operation of the cooling water is
not interrupted to ensure the cooling effect, Almost no wear, corrosion,
fragile only seals; ceramic piston pump structure is simple, stable
operation, the working pressure up to 2.5MPa, in the sludge without PAM
flocculant conditioning case, the mud moisture content still Low, in the
case of cost savings in line with the requirements of environmental
protection sludge reduction, the specific use of the plate and frame
filter press plate pressure value must be adjusted, not exceed the
pressure value, otherwise it will damage the plate and frame; Smooth, long
life, easy operation and maintenance.