Airless system for the application of engobes, glazes and crystallines on tiles with width up to 1800 mm. It provides to obtain a perfect and uniformity coverage on large and very large sizes, with an innovative transversal and swinging double movement of the upper guns. Titan allows the application with small or large quantity of products using a patented system with double motorization on each axe thanks to one motor for transversal movement and one motor for oscillating movement. Both movements are controlled by step-by-step motors electronically controlled by PLC. The system can use any type of feeding pump, it does not require high pressures, it follows the production speeds and it can be installed quickly without conveyors interruption. The independent support frame ensures high stability and cancels vibrations problems on the production line.
Possibility of operating in different modes:
• Transversal random: fixed guns with transversal axes movement
• Oscillating random: oscillating guns with fixed transversal axes movement
• Combined random: oscillating guns with transversal axes movement
• Synchro: transversal axes movement with combined and synchronized oscillating guns movement, to obtain the best result with uniformity coverage on large sizes.

 – booth in stainless steel AISI 304, complete of collecting tank;
– dust suction system;
– support belts guides in stainless steel;
– nr.4 lateral doors for inspection and cleaning;
– bottom and lateral internal nets;
– support for upper guns;
– independent support frame;
– innovative double motorization independent for each erogator;
– control board with PLC and encoder;
– operator panel with colour touch-screen and production recipes setting.