Automatic inspection system equipped with Calibro and Planar devices for large-size tiles and slabs (up to 1.600×3.200 mm). TILEVISION CP AUTO is the third generation of Italvision’s automatic sorting system, that ca

The benefits offered by the TileVision CP Auto automatic sorting system are:

·       Very small overall dimensions

·       Workable sizes: from 300×300 to 1.600×3200 mm

·       New automatic sorting line functions with tile structures learning

·       Interface with any sorting line

·       Simultaneous and fully automatic change of size according to “worksize-flatness-diagonal-sorting” parameters by using only one recipe.

·       Micrometric control of the position of any sensors thus avoiding adjustment at any change of size

·       In order to be interfaced with any type of sorting line it is possible to create a global code referred to the various “worksize-flatness-diagonal-sorting” controls or to manage separate codes

·       Intuitive and simple “worksize-flatness-diagonal-sorting” interface by a single extended monitor

·       Through a simple network connection, it is possible to link up to ten remote operator panels, in order to get real-time statistics and production data referred to any point of the line.

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