This equipment is a combination of the characteristics of the use of the ceramic industry and production experience, the use of modern mechanical and electrical integration of automation technology, after years of research and development of the new generation of green body polishing thick machine has become very complete and effective machinery and equipment due to high processing efficiency, applicability the use of low cost, safe and convenient operation, and by the ceramic industry users well received.

Biscuit polishing machine configuration Technical Parameters

Model PDH800-4
Biscuit machine SpecificationsL5.8M*W1.7M*H2M
Working width500mm~950mmWorking voltage380V/50HZ
Working thickness3mm~40mmfirst group7.5KW
Belt line speed0~35m/MinBelt motor powersecond group5.5KW
LoadingTiles speed0~35m/minthird group5.5KW
Working pressure0.25~0.5Mpaconveyor motor power2.2KW
Compressed air consumption1.5m3/minTotal motor power20.7KW
Belt size450mmx1930mmweight2200kg

Biscuit polishing machine in use cost analysis

ElectricityRmb 0.035 / sqmExcellent rate of>=2%
ConsumablesRmb 0.010 / sqmGlaze reduction of6%~15%
Comprehensive reflection of the tiles surface defects
Before polishing on green body1.unpolished surface roughness (burr, granules)After polished on green bodyNO HAVE
2. dirty dropNO HAVE
3. scratchesNO HAVE
surface defects of before glazing and no polishingWaveSurface of After glazedno wave pattern peelreduced orange peel
3. glaze of low brightnessGlaze with strong brightness
Use more glaze materialReduce the amount of the glaze quantity