it’s use paper or film covering on the surface of tiles, then in
accordance with the provisions, the length of cutting piece, in order to protect the tiles glaze was not scratched. At the same time to make the paper to batter attached to the surface of tiles, prevents the paper float in the sky, in the process of running pattern using high voltage electrostatic adsorption paper; in film machine, attached directly without high voltage electrostatic adsorption, the effect is batter. In particular, paper cutting blades, using common tools steel saw blade, the price is cheaper, as long as the replacement. Clear and concise man-machine interface, introduction to help beginners can quick get started.

  1. Working Range : <=800mm
  2. stacking speed : 50Pcs/min
  3. Total Installed power:- 2.5Kw
  4. Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.7 MPa
  5. Appearance mesurements: L3200*W1400*H1250mm