Crystallized glass panels are a man-made building material which are less environmentally damaging than naturally-occurring alternatives such as granite and marble. They have excellent resistance to chemical attack, good strength and consistent colour. What’s more, the raw materials are in rich supply, making it an ideal environmentally-friendly building material with a good future. The manufacturing process for glass panels involves fusing together good quality fused silica, an auxiliary fusing material and colouring, then water-quenching the material. This disintegrates into lumps that are spread evenly onto a cordierite-mullite batt, then put into a kiln for crystallisation, where the material will change from its devitrified state to a crystallised state. After cooling, this is then and then cut and polished just like granite to produce the finished product. Although the crystallisation can be performed in a tunnel, shuttle or roller kiln, the fuel must be from a clean source such as LPG, natural gas, coal-gas or light diesel. The crystallisation occurs at around 1120 – 1150oC, with a cycle time of anything between four and 15 hours.

Kiln Furniture Solutions

We supplying extruded batts, the most critical component for this industry. we have supplied full kit-outs or the major kiln furniture parts to over 10 factories across the morbi sanitary ware manufacturing unit, having a market share in this sector of over 10%. We have the most experienced design, production and after sales service in this industry. Whether it’s product quality or sales, we are the leading supplier to the glass panel industry. The kiln furniture types used for glass panel manufacture are batts (plain and extruded), base batts (used in roller kilns), SiC beams, support bricks, support brick bases and dams. To support the future development of the glass panel industry, we have successfully supply large-sized extra-thin extruded batts and large base batts to further help reduce industry fuel costs.

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