Cordierite-mullite material can be used in the processing of glass, including crystallization and heat treatment, hot bending and firing support for glassware such as the glass covers on induction stoves, glass sanitaryware and studio glass products.

The temperature required to fire induction stove covers is not high, normally between 1150-1230oC in an oxidising or neutral atmosphere, with the crystallisation process taking between 2 – 12 hours according to the size, thickness and shape of the products. Tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns and roller kilns using electric or other clean fuels are normally used. Glassware production, hot bending or heat treatment will normally be at less than 1100oC and done in an electric box furnace or shuttle kiln in a natural atmosphere, with the time required varying according to the size of the product.

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As mentioned above, the temperature used to heat glassware is not high and the loads are relatively low. This means the main requirements for the kiln furniture are longevity, easy to clean, and good resistance to sticking. we have supply materials with excellent thermal shock resistance, which can also be easily cut or ground according to customers requirements, making them the ideal materials for the glassware industry.

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