the heavy clays industry is more commonly referred to as “ceramics for the construction industry”, with various products such as hollow bricks, split bricks, pavers, roofing tiles, ceramic plate and tubes, cubic ceramics and colour-glazed tiles. The firing temperature for such products is not high, reaching between 1050 – 1200oC, with the type of kiln depending upon product to be fired. Large, wide tunnel kilns are usually used for firing hollow bricks, split bricks, pavers, roofing tiles and ceramic tubes, whilst shuttle kilns are used for ceramic plate, tubes and cubic ceramics. Roller kilns can also be used for firing ceramic plate and colour-glazed tiles. The main atmosphere for these kilns is an oxidising one, although in some stages of firing for certain products a reducing atmosphere is used. The firing cycle for such products can vary enormously, from 24 – 48 hours in a tunnel kiln to as short as 2 – 4 hours in a roller kiln, with the kilns using natural gas, coal gas, heavy fuel oil, diesel or LPG.

Kiln Furniture Solutions

As the heavy clay industry’s firing temperatures are quite low, but with kiln cars that need to take a heavy load, the kiln furniture used needs to have good strength and excellent thermal shock properties. We supply heavy clay kiln furniture systems which can satisfy the requirements of all the different firing systems. Since co-operating with EmcoTherm to build a specialist production line for high quality H & U-cassettes, Beijing Trend can offer a complete range of heavy clay industry kiln furniture solutions.

Kiln Furniture Systems Main Kiln Furniture Materials
Roofing Tiles Extruded Batts Heavy Clay KF
Plain Batts Fittings
Roofing Tiles-TK or SK Flat Heavy Clay KF Extruded Tubes
Roofing Tiles-RK Flat Plain Batts(Perforated)
Split Bricks- TK or SK Plain Batts Heavy Clay KF
Plain Supports
Hollow Bricks-TK or SK Plain Batts Heavy Clay KF
Plain Supports
Pavers-TK or SK Plain Batts Heavy Clay KF
Plain Supports
Ceramic Plate-TK or SK Extruded Batts Extruded Tubes
Plain Supports
Cubic Ceramics – TK or SK Plain Supports Fittings
SiC Products
Ceramic Tubes- TK or SK Plain Batts Heavy Clay KF
Plain Supports
Colour-glazed Tiles- TK or SK Tile Cassettes or Pin Cranks, please consult Customer Service Centre

Note:TK = Tunnel Kiln; SK=Shuttle Kiln; RK= Roller Kiln.