SiSiC Grinding Barrel

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Item Unit Index
Application   temperature 1380
Density g/cm3 ≥ 3.02
Open   porosity % ≤ 0.1
Bending   strength Mpa 250 (20℃)
Mpa 280 (1200℃)
Modulus   of elasticity Gpa 330 (20℃)
Gpa 300 (1200℃)
Thermal   conductivity W/m.k 45 (1200℃)
Coefficient   of thermal expansion K-1×10-6 4.5
Rigidity 13
Acid   and alkali resistance Excellent

Face Impex tiles are estimated to become some of the most easily reached and most durable ceramic material that makes them economical and easily installable. They come with a thin profile side view as slim as 20mm. Face impex have a big range in small format ceramic water proof tiles with different size and color.

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